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りょうりほう の おにぎり
Rice ball recipes

English recipe:

For 4 fair sized rice balls, you need:

The key to making good onigiri is to have freshly cooked, hot rice. You can't make good onigiri with cold rice.

Wet your impeccably clean hands with cold water, and sprinkle them with salt. Take 1/4th of the rice and place on one hand. Make a dent in the middle of the rice with your other hand. Put in about 1 tsp or so worth of filling in the dent.

Working rapidly, wrap the rice around the filling, and form into a ball. To make the traditional triangular shape, cup your hand sharply to form each corner, and keep turning it until you are happy with the shape. Practice makes perfect.

Wrap the rice ball with 1-2 strips of nori seaweed.

Repeat for the rest of the rice.

To bring along on picnic, wrap in plastic film or in a bamboo leaf (which is traditional). Some people prefer to carry the nori strips separately, and to wrap them around the onigiri when eating, to preserve the crisp texture of the seaweed.

If it's hard to get a hold of the traditional fillings, here are some non-traditional ones that I have tried that work well. However, unlike the more traditional fillings (especially umeboshi) these fillings are quite perishable, so be careful in hot weather if you are taking them for a picnic. Any rather strongly flavored, salty filling should work.

For a fairly well-rounded picnic lunch that can all be eaten without utensils, add hard-boiled eggs (with a twist of salt) or cold barbeque chicken or skewered chicken (yakitori), an apple or orange, and vegetable sticks (carrot sticks, celery sticks, cucumber sticks).

more recipes can be found by doing a simple google search on 'onigiri' or 'rice ball'


おにぎりにあう具  (onigiri augu)

Onigiri no bariee shiyon wa

焼きたらこめんたいこつくだに梅干しツナマヨネーズ等 が定番

ゆかりふりかけけずりかつお鮭のくずし身刻みつけもの 青菜





混ぜ込みごはんは握りにくいですが、ラップを使うと簡単です。 焼きおにぎりはトースターやフライパンを使うと手軽に。